Who We Work With

Jacks of all trades?

Of course, none of us is an expert for everything. Nobody wants to be that, either. But we bring together a wealth of experience and knowledge in our team and can thus offer benefits to very different target groups:


    The noble art of providing customers with a benefit - and earning money while doing so. We love that!


    We support people managers and executives in carving out their personal vision and equipping them with the necessary tools. So that managers become leaders!


    Whenever people want to achieve goals with other people, then know-how, tools and strategies are needed. We help to sharpen your tools!

  • Teams

    What makes a team a team anyway? And does it really have to cook together to work better? We have some ideas and answers.


    Personal problems and questions are often difficult or even impossible to solve on one’s own. But on your own you don’t have to be!


We work with sales reps from all industries, whose goal are long-term and mutually beneficial customer relationships. We are actively committed to a holistic and responsible approach to sales.

For us, this means in concrete terms: to understand a client with appreciation and interest for their function, boundary conditions and needs in order to be able to offer them long-term benefits.

We have successfully worked on the following topics for our customers:

  • Strategic sales planning
  • The digital world in distribution
  • Raising awareness for the role of salesperson
  • Efficient cold calling
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • The professional trade fair appearance
  • Holistic customer care (human focus)
  • The buying process and its sticking points
  • From customer care to customer loyalty
  • Strategically leading conversations
  • Convincing argumentation
  • Constructive treatment of objections
  • Active recommendation marketing
  • Techniques of visualisation for client meetings
  • From “product pusher” to “consulting partner”
  • Implementing high-price strategies
  • Defending price
  • Claim handling and conflict solving


Our approach to working with people managers and executives is strongly linked to a discussion of values, which we conduct intensively and passionately with our clients and participants. In addition to teaching practice-relevant tools and strategies, the focus is on dealing with one’s own role, responsibility and attitude.

Topics that have been important to our customers include, among others:

  • The roles and responsibilities of managers
  • Values and attitudes in leadership
  • From colleague to boss
  • The appraisal interview as a management tool
  • Adaptive leadership style
  • Understanding and shaping team dynamics
  • The leader as coach
  • Dealing with change
  • The appreciative dismissal conversation
  • Conducting critical conversations
  • Promoting feedback culture in the team
  • Workshop and meeting moderation
  • Professional handling of conflicts
  • Recruiting: finding the right employee


We believe that the in-depth knowledge and excellent mastery of the mechanisms and tools of communication are an indispensable basis for the fulfilment of the professional’s role.

While the following topics are sometimes requested stand-alone by our clients, it is often necessary to integrate them into a variety of broader initiatives.

In the past, our customers have sometimes been interested in our products:

  • Understanding psychological basics
  • Dealing with different communicative typologies
  • Non-violent communication
  • Feedback behaviour
  • Convincing argumentation
  • Leading conversations strategically
  • Systemic questioning technique
  • Active listening
  • Dealing with counterpressure in conversations
  • Designing and successfully holding presentations
  • Use of different media
  • Saying No! and establishing boundaries
  • Getting to the heart of complex topics
  • Dealing with emotionally charged topics
  • Visualization techniques
  • Principle-oriented negotiation
  • Meeting and event moderation
  • Voice training for executives and salespersons
  • Taking a stage
  • Understanding and using body language


One of the differences between teams and groups is that the complexity of the task at hand demands different competencies and thus an interconnection of devided labour. And that’s where the fun really begins.

We deal with dysfunctional teams as well as high-performing teams. We deal with conflicts and success factors. We develop official and unofficial teams.

And, yes, we do, if it makes sense, let your team swing from ropes, whisper to horses or other animals, build wooden toys for children’s hospitals, organize a sailing trip or let it cook according to five elements. Always presupposed, it is conducive to the objective!

Orders from our customers included, among other things:

  • Team analysis
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Projects
  • Systemic development of a team vision and mission
  • Analysis and handling of open and hidden conflicts
  • Development of a culture of high-quality feedback and criticism
  • Optimization of cooperation between interfacing functional units
  • Team incentives with contextual relevance
  • Restructuring of teams
  • Accompaniment through change processes


In an individual setting we can support you precisely from the role in which we are most helpful for you: as consultant, coach or trainer.

Exemplary problem areas of our clients’ concern among other things:

  • Clarification of personal positioning
  • Making critical decisions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Burn-Out prevention & stress management
  • Dealing with time and priorities
  • Dealing with low blows and failures
  • Development of positive, personal visions for the future
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