Customers who have chosen to employ us…

…develop drugs against rare diseases, manage and build public real estate, sell cars of market-leading manufacturers, operate the world’s best-known online gaming platform, advise private customers on all money issues, transport goods of all kinds in a global network and much, much more…

and are

  • global corporations,
  • talented sole proprietorships,
  • family-run companies with a long tradition,
  • undisputed world market leaders and
  • bold start-ups

in countries like

Austria, USA, Czech Republic, England, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, France, Ukraine, Sweden, Romania, Croatia, and Gibraltar.

We deliver all of our services in German, too!

Here we would like to offer you an overview of the diversity of the customers we support and the project topics we carry out.
We will also be happy to give you contact details of our contact persons if you would like to obtain specific references.

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