Interview Wolf Hoffmann

Wolf Hoffmann

Is your name Wolf or Wolfgang?
Wolfgang. But hardly anyone calls me that anymore!


What would you do if you weren’t a coach?
Good gracious! To my father’s horror I would probably be a pianist, actor or photographer. Or an organic farmer in Styria. I never wanted to be a pilot or controller. Hang on: I’d be circumnavigating the world in my sailboat, of course!


What distinguishes your work?
That I do what I do with passion. Sorry, I can’t say that without it sounding cliché. But that’s true! My training in Person Centered Counselling based on Carl Rogers’s work certainly also plays an important role.


Describe your career path!
You sure you want that? All right then: after studying naval architecture in England, I completed a trainee program at Maersk/A.P.Moller, then went freelance as a yacht designer and worked on mega yachts at Espen Oeino’s in southern France, among other places. I noticed that I had no talent for technology but rather for sales. So I returned to Austria and gained a foothold in the financial services industry. Eventually I got to be managing director of an insurance broker in Vienna.


What was your greatest success?
Professionally? It’s hard to say – I could go by individual feedbacks I received, by the overall success so far or by the development of Consiglieria itself.


How come you are often to be found in cafés?
Wait a minute! But you’re right: I’m only in the office when I really have to be, otherwise I get fidgety. I like to design in the café, meet customers, partners and friends and of course I also like to take short breaks. But strangely enough, I make most decisions during long car journeys, and I’ve got plenty of those.


For customers from which industries have you already worked?
Oh dear, there are so many of them. Since I’m focused on behaviour, I’ve worked for almost every industry: construction companies, retailers, banks, insurance companies, car dealerships, capital goods, dotcom companies, public administration… I’ve also worked with doctors, warehouse workers and artists! That’s what makes my job still so exciting for me.


Do you have a motto?
Certainly not. Although I am not so averse to clever sayings in general, that comes with the job…


What can drive you up the wall?
Disinterest, passivity, unprofessionalism, irresponsibility – is that enough for now?


When should you not be booked?
If my principles were violated.


And what would those be?
Unconditional positive regard, fairness, respect… uh, that’s incomplete, I can probably give you a better answer situatively.


In which topics do you feel most comfortable?
In all areas where people want to achieve goals with other people through communication, i.e. leadership, sales, team development and coaching.


What is the feedback you are most proud of?
Ah, there are some highlights I like to think about. These include “You are the least polished bloke I have ever met!” by a very critical and solid employee of a construction company. I am proud of this because it has to do with the recognition of authenticity, and that is important to me.


The inevitable question: Your greatest weakness?
Ah, get out of here! But well, I think on top of the list may be my tendency to procrastinate if things aren’t critical – which creates unnecessary stress at times.


What is your greatest wish?
That I am happy! It’s that simple. But it also means that I want to contribute to people developing to their best. Above all my two daughters Mira and Ella! And that again is not always so easy.