Interview Sabine Muth

Sabine Muth

What would you do if you weren’t a management consultant?
Good question. I would probably be working in an Impro theatre… However, as I really like my current job, I will probably stick to it for now.


What distinguishes your work?
My mindset and attitude. I have a human-centred and solution-oriented approach to work which I follow with a lot of energy and passion. For best results, I combine Management Consulting and Systemic approaches with which I strive to leverage the potential of my clients to the fullest.


What’s your background?
Coming back from England where I lived for one year after school, I started studying International Business Administration in Vienna and Barcelona. After finishing my studies, I worked for an international management consulting firm leading different projects mainly abroad. I changed job after some years and started to work for a large Austrian bank where I was responsible for the development and implementation of Experience Management und Design Thinking. During my career at the bank I also started studying again: Systemic Consulting & Organisational Development. During my studies I also decided to quit my job and work as freelance strategy consultant which is still my current profession (and passion).


What was your greatest success?
I guess my biggest achievement is my job as self-employed consultant which I love and which provides me with a lot of joy every day. And: running a marathon in 2017.


For customers from which industries have you already worked?
As I am not focused on a specific industry but on functional topics, I have worked for a lot of different companies across industries such as life sciences / pharma, consumer goods /FMCG, financial services, construction, public sector and others.


Do you have a motto?
No, I don’t have a specific motto. For me, a positive and open mindset and approach are most important. As well as good humour, also in difficult situations.


What can get you mad?
If you are not reliable, narrow minded and negative, if you are missing drive, professionalism and probably with some other things too.


Under what circumstances should you not be hired?
I highly value respect, collaboration at eye level, fairness and mutual appraisal. The list is for sure not complete, but you should definitely bring this to the table.


In which topics do you feel most comfortable?
When it’s about human-centred solutions


What is the feedback you are most proud of?
I value any feedback, as I see it as an opportunity to learn (and of course I am happy about positive feedback in particular). However, what counts for me is the end result I have achieved for my customers and what’s in it for them.


The inevitable question: Your greatest weakness?
Hmmm. Ok fine. I guess it’s the fact that I postpone some ToDo’s (especially admin stuff) until the very end until I complete them.


What is your greatest wish?
I love my live and my job and how things turned out for me and I hope to keep it like that. As well as my positive mindset, my drive for getting myself out of my comfort zone and my humour.