Interview Nikolaus Mittheisz

Nikolaus Mittheisz

To start with and just out of interest: why do you always seem to have a variety of balls lying on your desk?

Very good question! I love to be physically and mentally active and to challenge my brain. And that works very well even in very short exercises, for example with these balls. And it helps to activate, concentrate, switch off, relax, …

How did you come up with that?

Out of curiosity I did the Life Kinetics Trainer certification a few years ago – a brain potential development training with coordinative, cognitive and visual elements, which above all is a lot of fun. I am convinced that a lot of things are easier with movement and fun and therefore I often include such elements in my coaching, training, lectures and seminars.

And how do your clients react to this?

Above all with fun & laughter and a little ambition – whereby it is not at all about mastering exercises, but above all about constantly trying out new things and thus (over)demanding their brain!

That’s probably one of the most important core elements when dealing with innovation, transformation and organizational development, isn’t it?

Absolutely right! Following an interesting book’s title “Life is too short for later” it is all about trying out new things – for yourself, for your team, for the organization, for your family, etc. And many of the topics that accompany and challenge my clients in their careers can be found in this book.

What are the best moments or when are you successful with your work?

Yikes – not an easy question! Firstly, success is something very personal and therefore relative. And secondly, it only becomes apparent over time whether decisions, plans, projects, etc. have been successful. Therefore, the best moments are certainly those in which people, teams or organisations think that what they have just spent an hour, a day, a week, etc. has made sense and that they are looking forward to what will come of it!

Sounds good, but what does this actually mean?

For example: “That was really exhausting, but really valuable!” Because if you make an effort, it means something to you and if this effort is also perceived as positive, then it is doubly good.

With all these dynamic topics, what brings calmness and continuity into your life?

First and foremost my family and my 3 children – although I’d need to exclude calmness from that. They are an excellent constant – fun and entertaining, at the same time challenging and not really controllable according to classical or agile management models or with systemic coaching questions 😉
Secondly, my passion for Japan and last but not least my enthusiasm for teaching, which has lasted for decades.

Why Japan?

Because hardly any other country unites the new, the fast, the technological and the loud in such an exciting way with contemplative tradition and love for the beautiful in miniature. I discovered my passion for the country, its people, language, economy, food, etc. during my studies because I simply tried something new and enrolled for Japanese as my second foreign language.

And teaching – why is that such an area of interest of yours?

Because teenagers, students and adults who are interested and want to learn something of their own free will are among the most interesting discussion partners. This gives so much insight into different life stories, points of view and fields of competence that it always spurs me on!

What are you incapable of?

A lot of things – but fortunately I don’t feel the need to be able to do everything or to pretend to do everything!

What would you like to be capable of?

Playing the piano!
And spending more time in the mountain, both in summer and winter.