Interview Lukas Ofner-Ressler

Lukas Ofner-Ressler

Luke, when was the last time you were outdoors?
Ha, good start! I’ve actually just come from the outdoors, that’s where I like to be. Thank God we live in the countryside where I have the mountains right at my doorstep. And my favourite office day would be with a laptop outside in the sun.
Und mein liebster Bürotag ist sowieso mit Laptop bei Sonnenschein im Freien.


How come you switched from mining to coaching?
Already in my first semester at the Montanistic University I had the feeling that somehow I didn’t fit in there. But ultimately I finished my studies and worked five years as a geologist in mining and tunnelling – only to realize that working with people and organisations is much more fun than working with stones. But I don’t want to miss the experiences from that time. Today I actually consider them an advantage.


An advantage? How so?
Well, I can justifiably claim to have delved both the world of science and technology and the world of psychology and the humanities. This helps me to approach things quite pragmatically and still deal with people empathetically. Also I believe I acquired a certain analytical approach as a geologist that also helps in my current work..


The world of “psychology and the humanities” sounds like a bit of a mouthful…
You think? I love to philosophize and on top of that I also work as a psychotherapist, so the two really fit together well.
Who would you like to philosophize with for one night?
With Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, the idols of my youth; Heinz von Förster, the greatest of all sceptics; and with our cat – I would like to know how it sees the world and above all what it sees when she it stares so eerily into nothingness…


Psychotherapy and coaching – isn’t that somehow mutually exclusive?
No, not at all! Most coaches work with therapeutic methods. By the way, my therapeutic direction is that of group dynamics – I am very close to my favourite topics such as organisational development.


What are your other favourite topics?
In addition to organisational development, leadership and teamwork, I am drawn to anything to do with building relationships, clarification of roles, decision-making, responsibility, energy flow …


Energy flow…?
For performance you need a lot of energy – if you don’t have enough or if there are friction losses somewhere, your performance also drops. If you manage to get blockades out of the way, then you free up energy for development, change, performance …


And how do you do that?
I have a rather integrative approach, in which I use different methods depending on the desired solution. In addition to group dynamics and systemic approaches, I also like to apply body-oriented and outdoor methods – but they have to fit the goal of the project.


Are there industries you are specialized in?
No, even if my geological background suggests a certain proximity to a particular industry. In addition to projects in industrial companies, I have also worked with banks, telecom companies, hospitals, educational institutions, tour operators, NPOs from the social sector… I even accompanied a catering business for some time.


What do your customers and coachees appreciate about you?
You would have to ask them, of course, for a precise answer! The feedback I am getting is: my pragmatic way of approaching problems, my discretion and empathy, my feeling for the hidden things that are actually at stake, my humour, my calm charisma and the ability to think in a networked way as well as my professionalism are often reported back to me…


How can you tell that you are doing a good job?
Hm, probably when I ultimately make myself superfluous as a coach, consultant or trainer for the client and I am no longer needed – then the assignment worked perfectly!


You talked about energy before. How do you re-charge your batteries?
On the one hand I pay a lot of attention to my mental hygiene, which means that I regularly go into supervision to keep my head and my projects professionally clear. And then I do a lot of sports, especially outdoors and in the mountains. It works best when my wife is with me. Also travelling, reading and gardening works really well for me.


What are you particularly proud of?
On the one hand I think that, despite many doubts, I dared to take the leap into self-employment and have been successful as a coach, consultant and trainer for many years now. And on the other hand, that I can lead exactly the life I have always imagined and that I enjoy a fulfilling relationship with the woman of my dreams! All this makes me quite happy and proud.


Which dreams do you still want to realize?
Oh dear, many! For example, crossing Iceland, visiting Greenland, writing another book or even several. Show my son the world. Climb an active volcano…. I’m confident I will fit it all in!