Interview Gernot Krickl

Gernot Krickl

How would your son explain what you do for a living?
This reminds me of a statement he made a few years ago that made me smile: “My dad is a teacher for adults who is very good at drawing”.


And what did you do before that?
I have always been a salesperson – I have lived and loved sales for 12 years of professional experience in banking. The last few years before I started my own business, I also worked as an employed trainer in the design of various training projects for a major Austrian bank.


Where do you get your energy from?
If a training or coaching goes well, my invested energy comes back several times. Of course there are also occasion where the group needs more energy from me … Privately I refuel with the quietude within myself and the time with my family.


On what occasions do you have the best ideas?
I can’t really pin this down precisely. Quite often this happens spontaneously, when I don’t even think intensively about the topic, e.g. in the car, while fishing, in the café. And, of course, together in a team. Creativity needs no place and no opportunities. Creativity happens when you allow it.


What was the most challenging project so far?
For me, every training session is a positive challenge. For me, there is nothing worse than going into a unpreparedly because you have already done the topic several times – that would be absolutely unprofessional for me!


What do you want to be famous for one day?
…I don’t need that for my ego. It is valuable for me when the people who are important to me say: “It’s good that you are here”. Professionally I just want to do a great job.


Are you specialized in specific industries?
Communication, sales and leadership happen everywhere where people are in contact with each other. That’s why I work in any industry, be it production, wholesale or service. Especially from these different points of view and experiences, my know-how is constantly evolving – and it brings variety.


What are your favourite topics?
Sales, leadership, communication and the creation of working relationships. I can tell a lot from my experience – and my participants recognize that. For me, train-the-trainer seminars are also highlights that are particularly enjoyable!


What does your most critical customer say about you?
If you can tell me who my most critical customer is, I will ask him and tell you (laughs).


What can I do to make you happy?
Smile … thank you!


What would be your dream project?
With a seminar group in the Caribbean on a sandy beach on a palm tree without any tools build a tree house and then reflect at the campfire why it went so well. I have a lot of weird ideas that I would like to try out. I am curious when a customer dares to do something like this.


Have you ever really screwed up a project?
I still believe that this is not possible. As a trainer, you always have to be authentic. And if participants or the group work against the training or you as a person, I address that – there’s always a solution. Of course, I have had delicate situations before, and my training as a coach and supervisor has helped me a lot.


What should a coachee say about you after 5 years?
The conversations with Gernot brought me forward – and I still benefit from them.


Why are you always in such a good mood?
Am I? Doesn’t strike me at all. Possibly because I have a profession that suits me greatly and I have people around me who make me happy.


What should absolutely happen in your life?
If that is a question about my next goals, then my course leader is happy that I am completing my thesis for my studies as a supervisor. I am currently writing a book with a friend on the subject of “sales” and am currently working intensively on the subject of “digitisation and learning with digital media”. In my private life I want to stay as happy as I am at the moment and continue to be able to decide for myself to do what is good for me.