Interview Eva Puffing

Eva Puffing

Eva, when is a day perfect day for you?
When I am free and the sun is shining. I start in a coffee house, then at least 100km with my racing bike, finish with a round of swimming training and then recharge my batteries with friends for a good meal.


Your biggest success in your life so far?
My wonderful son, he’s almost grown up and is already doing his thing. And the fact that I managed to become self-employed was a huge challenge for me.


You are originally a pedagogue – how did you get into adult coaching?
The Montessori training was a good basis for me 20 years ago. Then I fell for the human image of Emmi Pikler and Jesper Juul, who are more concerned with the relationship level in human development. Working with my parents led me to adult coaching. To round it off, I trained as a systemic dialogical LSB (Life and Social Counsellor).


How… systemic dialogical…?
My training at the Dialogue Academy focused on systemic structural constellation and dialogue support – both very effective techniques… in addition to the usual LSB stuff (laughs).


Working with children and adults… isn’t there a difference?
Haha… yes… to work with children at eye level I have to kneel down. Children are often much more real and direct in dealing with each other, that makes accompaniment sometimes easier… and sometimes also more difficult.


Your biggest defeat?
That I don’t like to talk about defeats…? No, that I haven’t managed to give up smoking despite sports and several attempts. And I really don’t like to talk about that.


What exactly makes you as a coach?
I think exactly that I am not a “classic” coach because I come from working with children. Naturally, it’s not primarily about talking, but about feeling, good contact quality and authenticity. I am good at that. But I am a really bad professional simpler… (laughs).


What annoys you?
When I’m expected to deliver patent recipes. I like to be a human being, a companion, but not an instruction manual.


What do people who have worked with you say about you?
Eva, you should raise your price…


What are your dreams for the future?
Hm… to make the Jakobsweg with the racing bike… to stand on the pedestal during the Attersee crossing… and to watch my grandchildren grow up. Well… and then there was the price increase… (laughs).