Interview Birgit Lang

Birgit Lang

What distinguishes your work?
Surely my accuracy and reliability – when I do something, it’s 100 percent!


What is your background?
I have a commercial apprenticeship and have always worked in the area of assistance and back office afterwards, which was and is perfect for me because I don’t like being the center of attention.


What was your greatest success?
That is clearly my 10-year-old daughter, who delights me every day anew but also challenges me (laughs).


Do you have a motto?
Actually not, but most likely “Live your dreams”.


What can you get upset about?
I can’t handle irresponsibility and inaccuracy at all.


If I asked your husband what your greatest strengths were, what would he say?
Reliability, honesty and helpfulness


And how would your daughter describe you when you’re not around?
Mommy is the best – even if she can be really strict sometimes. (smiles)


What do you say to someone who doesn’t know the Consiglieria who we are?
That we offer training in the areas of sales, leadership, personnel development and team building and that we can also offer individual coaching on request.


Cat or dog?
Definitely a cat – I don’t have to go out in wind and weather.


And the famous three things for the desert island? Man and child naturally excluded…
… a good book, sun cream and chocolate


The inevitable question: Your greatest weakness?


What is your greatest wish?
Health, happiness and being allowed to accompany my daughter on her way to an independent life.