Interview Alexander Granitz

Alexander Granitz

Where did you come from just now?
That’s usually my little daughter’s first question when I come home. This time from Italy, where I enjoyed the sea in the northern Adriatic.


How do you explain to your daughters what you actually do?
This task is not so easy. Above all, I have to separate the two professional activities. On the one hand I am “teacher for the big ones” and on the other hand I “give other people cars in which they can sleep in order to go on holiday”.


Do you enjoy your work?
I don’t see my job as “work”, but as a calling. I enjoy working with people so much that I almost want to call it a passion. I have fun above all with those people who WANT to continue their education or development.


If you had to describe yourself in five words, what would they be?
loving freedom
lateral thinking


Beer or wine?
A beer occasionally. Drinking wine is a pleasure and should be celebrated. As someone from Burgenland I am at the source, with many really good vineyards nearby.


Where can you often be found?
Apart from the office and in the car, you will often find me at Lake Neusiedl. The lake is my home and I like to move on this unique body of water.


Is there a motto that connects your work and the lake?
Yes. On the one hand it is “carpe diem”, so use the day. And on the other hand Aristotle made a clever statement: “We can’t change the wind, but set the sails differently”. This is true not only for sailing, but also in everyday life, in the world of work. I always try to convey this motto and this attitude in my trainings.


What is the feedback you are most proud of?
Dad, I love you, too!


And professionally?
If I remember correctly, it was like this: “Alex, I have been with this company for almost three decades and that was by far the best training – thanks for that”. Hearing these honest words from an established and successful employee in the insurance industry made me proud years ago. Meanwhile, my goal is to provide this “experience” to every participant at every training session.


One last question, what goal do you still have?
Do you know “Pinky and the Brain”?


And apart from world domination?
Enjoy every day that comes. And sharing personal happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it.