Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

As common as the term is, its use is often unclear and ambiguous. Here’s what we understand by it and what it means for our clients.

Sometimes one finds oneself facing questions, problems or developmental needs that are too complex to be solved satisfactorily by oneself. If they cannot be worked on intensively enough in a group setting or are too individual to justify a group, individual coaching is indicated.

Always, the focus is on the solution of a concrete problem-statement or question.

Unlike in consulting, in this setting the expert for the problem remains the coachee him-/herself. The role of the coach is to activate, expand and guide the coachee’s solution competence.

Generally, we distinguish between the following settings:

1. Systemic Coaching

The coach supports the coachee in developing his or her own solutions to questions and problems that are not necessarily related to the professional role.

Particularly suitable for personal and/or emotionally charged issues such as

  • Decision making
  • Personal development
  • Stress management
  • Conflict between professional and private life


2. Vocational Coaching

Intensive processing of concrete management/leadership/sales/communication/… related problems. Not infrequently, a mix of methods is applied.

It is particularly suitable for the development of solutions, strategies, compact knowledge transfer and the precise development of specific personal competencies. Exemplary cases can be:

  • Preparation for a delicate appraisal interview
  • Development of a practical strategy for the resolution of a conflict
  • Analysis of a tricky team situation
  • Preparation for a particularly important customer meeting

Our opinion is that in this context the end justifies the means. In many cases, a purely systemic approach is indicated, which we then pursue consequently. However, if we consider it more helpful to our client to switch to the role of advisor, for example to propose a solution, we will of course do so.

What is consistent in any case or setting: we will treat our clients and their questions with unconditional positive regard and absolute confidentiality.

To arrange a session, please contact the coach of your choice directly or send an email to office@consiglieria.com, we look forward to getting in touch with you!

Wolf Hoffmann