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Consiglieria is a full-service provider in personnel and organizational development.
We offer customers of all industries and sizes tailor-made development programs with the decisive focus on sustainable effectiveness and absolute customer satisfaction.

What distinguishes us

Special services are created by special personalities. Here you can find out who we are, how we work - and what you get out of it.

What we do

As an efficient one-stop-shop we offer you tailor-made solutions from coaching and training to organisational development.

How we convince

Get an impression of our work, learn more about our customers and what project experience you can benefit from.

It’s business. And personal.

Our trainers, coaches and consultants are exceptional personalities and experts in their respective fields. Each of them has many years of varied experience and excellent feedback from our clients. As a team, we bring together our energy, experience and skills to deliver exceptional quality to our clients. By this we mean: absolute customer satisfaction and sustainable development.

Who We Work With


    The noble art of providing customers with a benefit - and earning money while doing so. We love that!


    We support people managers and executives in carving out their personal vision and equipping them with the necessary tools. So that managers become leaders!


    Whenever people want to achieve goals with other people, then know-how, tools and strategies are needed. We help to sharpen your tools!

  • Teams

    What makes a team a team anyway? And does it really have to cook together to work better? We have some ideas and answers.


    Personal problems and questions are often difficult or even impossible to solve on one’s own. But on your own you don’t have to be!

News from our Blog

  • The lockdown and the prescribed home office pose particular challenges for us living together. Some believe that we will see an increase in birth rates in nine months’ time, while others suspect an increase in separation and divorces as soon as the courts re-open. Considering......

  • As common as the term is, its use is often unclear and ambiguous. Here’s what we understand by it and what it means for our clients. Sometimes one finds oneself facing questions, problems or developmental needs that are too complex to be solved satisfactorily by......

  • Many dream of taking a career break and doing something they have always wanted to do. But to take a longer time only for oneself and one’s personal interests usually remains exactly that: a dream. We recommend that you make your dreams come true! Yes,......

  • More often than not, people managers automatically reach for the company’s training catalogue once an employee’s field of development is identified. We appreciate the gesture, but is that really all there’s to it? You may be familiar with that snippet of wisdom: Tell me and......

  • Weiterempfehlungen anzusprechen ist eine Aufforderung, die viele Verkäufer verwerflich finden. Denn das klingt nach Selbstlob und Anbiederung. Gute Verkäufer sehen das naturgemäß anders. Denn sie wissen, dass es nichts nützt gut zu sein und gute Produkte anzubieten, wenn niemand davon weiß? Und sie sprechen ihre......

  • Ist Leistung unbegrenzt abrufbar? Kann ein Motor ständig auf hoher Drehzahl arbeiten? Kann ein Rennpferd immer rennen? Bleiben Organisationen von selbst leistungsfähig? Und können Menschen, die Höchstleistungen erbringen, dies ununterbrochen tun? Wie soll das gehen? Der argentinische Psychotherapeut und Autor Jorge Bucay schildert in einem......

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